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Loughborough Central Station canopy

Due to access restrictions the steelwork was transported to Loughborough by rail. On the 31st May the rebuilt north cantilever is craned onto a rail wagon at Quorn Station.

On 7th June the north cantilever is lifted into place

In-situ.  Not withstanding the vagaries of Victorian measurement the newly constructed cantilever fitted first time.
On inspection by the GCR’s structural engineer the north end cantilever assembly was found to be in a badly wasted condition.   Measurement of the original revealed differences in the length of the two sides of one inch and the various fishplates had been randomly drilled so that the rivets were not in line. Able Engineering fabricated a new assembly with a small number of original parts utilised.  The new assembly was fully welded with 1100 dummy rivet heads welded into place so that the appearance matched the original.
A cantilever for phase 2 under construction at Able Engineering’s
Shepshed manufacturing unit. December 2010
The completed north end
The completed south end